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Clinical Equipment Hire

Clinical Equipment Hire

Appropriate Solutions for Complex Cases

Often, complicated rehabilitation equipment is required on a very sudden and urgent basis. Working with, not against the therapist, we provide what's needed for your patient, providing for their comfort, safety, and the opportunity to optimise their rehabilitation.

We work with you and your patient. As their rehabilitation progresses, we can provide more appropriate equipment, often within the already approved funding, which will keep them improving without delays due to inaccessible equipment. In the case of end of life patients, we can provide more complex and/or comfortable equipment to assist you in providing the best palliative care.

At Better Mobility we have years of experience obtaining funding from various bodies, and can help you get approval for your patient quickly. Embassies, case management and insurance companies, and NHS bodies appreciate the quick response and delivery, and short term hire is often approved where purchase costs can take longer to be approved.

We truly do provide bespoke, short term solutions for your patients' needs. In addition to the products shown on this page, we have literally thousands of different solutions available, from tilt in space wheelchairs, to active chairs for spinal patients, beds, pressure care mattresses, shower commodes and cradles, paediatric and bariatric equipment, positioning belts, cushions and backs, different clinical headrests, armrests, legrests... simply too much to mention.

If your patient requires it, we can likely provide it, and fast. Please contact us with your requirements, and let us help you have a Better Mobility experience. Trust us, you'll never need to go anywhere else again.

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Liko Sabina II EE Hire
£145.00 exVAT
£174.00 incVAT
Liko Golvo 9000 Hire
£145.00 exVAT
£174.00 incVAT
Liko Viking M Hire
£145.00 exVAT
£174.00 incVAT
Liko Viking L Hire
£155.00 exVAT
£186.00 incVAT
Liko Viking XL Hire
£255.00 exVAT
£306.00 incVAT
Arjo Sara 3000 Hire
£105.00 exVAT
£126.00 incVAT
Arjo Sara Plus Hire
£259.00 exVAT
£310.80 incVAT
Arjo Maxi Twin Hire
£140.00 exVAT
£168.00 incVAT
Arjo Maxi Move Hire
£210.00 exVAT
£252.00 incVAT
Drive Chicago Riser Recliner Hire
£82.00 exVAT
£98.40 incVAT
Invacare Birdie Hire
£82.00 exVAT
£98.40 incVAT
Arjo Sara Stedy Hire
£105.00 exVAT
£126.00 incVAT
Osprey 981 Chair Hire
£115.00 exVAT
£138.00 incVAT
Invacare Aquatec Ocean VIP Hire
£82.00 exVAT
£98.40 incVAT
Invacare Aquatec Ocean Transit Hire
£49.00 exVAT
£58.80 incVAT
Invacare Rea Azalea Hire
£105.00 exVAT
£126.00 incVAT



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