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The Better Mobility Team

Born out of frustration and confusion! Not what you would expect to read as the introduction to a company is it? But that’s exactly how the idea of Better Mobility came about. After struggling to find informative, reliable advice for their sons wheelchair needs, and being offered appallingly inadequate solutions, (unfortunately, all too commonly experienced by parents of disabled children) the Warner family set off to gather their own information. They soon realised that there were many other people feeling just as frustrated. Good old customer service combined with knowledge and understanding of people’s needs and what equipment was available was hard to find. What they also realised was that they could offer people a better experience than they were getting, with great customer service, and thorough knowledge of available equipment. Thus, Better Mobility was born! Over ten years on we are proud to say our commitment to customer service remains a priority.

Our highly trained assessors are ready to make sure you have all the information you require to make an informed decision. With a huge range of demonstration equipment available, we are always able to offer you impartial views on what’s best for you/your patients. We are always refreshing our stock with the latest products, making sure you are able to see and try the best most innovative products available.

A Better Mobility Experience:

  • Thorough assessments provided by highly trained assessors, with a focus on environmental and social as well as clinical wants and needs.
  • A huge range of equipment from all the brands you know and trust. You don’t have to compromise or be limited on your selection.
  • Enhanced DBS checks (previously CRB) on all staff.
  • Highly experienced and trained service and maintenance engineers.
  • After sales service that is second to none for peace of mind.
  • Customised mobility solutions - to suit you.

How do you make a Better team?

Firstly, you seek out dedicated, innovative thinkers, who have a true passion for going the extra mile.

Then you encourage and support them with continued learning opportunities. Training courses, on the job training, sharing experiences, and learning from each other is something that we do every day. Lastly, you emphasise great communication, amongst the team members of course, but also with our customers.

Our team, is YOUR team. Honest, Helpful, Hard-working... Now that's Better.

Join the team... See our what our customers have to say...
Jeanette Warner

Jeanette Warner - Director

Responsible for - The sustainability and responsibility of Better Mobility, and bringing new ideas to the team.

Area of expertise - Able to fill any team member's role at any time if required, Jeanette has overall responsibility for the company, and making sure that all aspects of the business run smoothly.

Lee Warner

Lee Warner - Director & Senior Seating Specialist

Responsible for - Providing complex wheelchairs and seating to our customers, and training of new staff.

Area of expertise - The most difficult seating and positioning requirements are where you will really see what Lee is capable of. Being the most experienced member of the team, Lee is a wealth of information, and his advice is often sought by therapists and staff alike.

Craig Topping

Craig Topping - Business Manager & Seating Specialist

Responsible for - Craig has got to be the hardest working member of the team, going on nearly a decade with the company, Craig keeps everything on target, and everyone on task.

Area of expertise - Craig stays on top of all of the latest in technology and design. Always bringing new products to everyone's attention, and getting them in stock for our customers to benefit from.

Andrew Wynn

Andy Wynn - Seating Specialist

Responsible for - Providing complex wheelchairs and seating to our customers.

Area of expertise - Andy has more patience than anyone and ensures you will receive the most thorough assessment from start to finish.

Andrew Weston

Andy Weston - Seating Specialist

Responsible for - With over 14 years experience, Andy has recently joined our team from GBL and will be providing complex seating solutions to our customers.

Area of expertise - Assessing powered mobility and power add-ons on a daily basis and specialising in alternative controls.

John Kirk

John Kirk - Service Manager

Responsible for - Servicing and maintaining our customers equipment, as well as our hire fleet.

Area of expertise - John takes great pride in being able to do repairs without needing to order parts.

Steve Birkett

Steve Birkett - Service Engineer

Responsible for - Organising our servicing and parts stock, maintaining equipment, and deliveries.

Area of expertise - New to the team, Steve has lots to explore before deciding on his area of expertise, watch this space!

Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth Warner - Assistant Business Manager

Responsible for - Organising and keeping on top of our entire hire fleet, handling all business to business transactions, and VIP orders.

Area of expertise - Providing quotations and liaising with funding bodies to expedite equipment provision.

Natasha Warner-Mizon

Natasha Warner-Mizon - Operations Manager

Responsible for - Overseeing the daily operations of the entire company and is the liaison between the sales, servicing, marketing and office staff.

Area of expertise - Company operations, employee relations and accounts payable.

Tracey Power

Tracey Power - Receptionist

Responsible for - Greeting and assisting all of our customers, on the phone, in the showroom, and over email. Filing, forms, post and pricing, Tracey covers all of our office needs and will be your first point of contact.

Area of expertise - Assisting all customers thoroughly and going above and beyond for each one, she's the ultimate multitasker.

Janice Stevens

Janice Stevens - Showroom Assistant

Responsible for - Maintaining our showroom stock, and assisting our customers with their mobility needs.

Area of expertise - Daily living aids, walkers, canes and shoes.

Selling these items for over a decade, there's not much Janice doesn't know about what's available to help her customers.

With many years combined experience in the mobility industry, we have all the specialities which allows us to give you everything you need and want from one company. There is no need to go anywhere else.

Better Mobility Ltd
t: 01442 768 797  •  f: 01442 768 783  •  e: sales@bettermobility.co.uk
12 Henry Wells Square, Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 6BJ, United Kingdom

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