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Mobility Assessments
  Better Mobility › Mobility Assessments

Mobility Assessments

Comprehensive seating, postitioning, pressure care and equipment assessments

Independent OT Assessments

Better Mobility are pleased to be working with independent OT, Natasha Taper for cases where the expertise of an independent Occupational Therapist would be beneficial for our customers.


More about Mobility Assessments

An essential service provided by our own highly trained professionals

What is it and why is it so important?

It is important that anyone with particular requirements, as well as any long term or full time wheelchair user is specifically assessed for their individual needs. In addition to the wheelchair corresponding to their personal dimensions, everyone's unique postural presentation should be addressed with supportive and comfortable seating/positioning support which is appropriate for their needs.

What are the benefits of a properly assessed for wheelchair?

There are many great physical benefits to sitting in a well supported, comfortable position including, but not limited to:

  • Better cardio vascular function, digestive and urinary tract function
  • Better visual perception and cognitive function
  • Relaxing/Improvement of muscle tone, and reduction of primitive reflex actions
  • Minimisation of the development of pressure sores
  • Improved seated balance and symmetry

The combination of the physical benefits with the increase in comfort and efficient function quite often results in an enhanced feeling of well being and higher self esteem.

What happens during a Better Mobility assessment?

During the assessment, one of our own highly trained mobility and seating specialists will have a friendly chat with you and anyone involved in your care. We will assemble relevant background data which will give us an understanding of your medical history, as well as your environment, daily activities, work and leisure activities, basically how, when, and where you need your chair to work most efficiently for you.

We will then perform a physical evaluation, and take detailed body measurements and discuss features of available equipment that can improve or resolve issues you may have with current equipment. Once we have established what chairs and seating will be appropriate, we will demonstrate a range of suitable equipment from our extensive range.

At Better Mobility we work with a large range of manufacturers which allows us to offer a huge selection of possibilities for you to choose from.

Because posture is never static and our needs change as our lives do, it is important to periodically review your needs to ensure that your chair and seating are still providing the appropriate function and support for your needs.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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