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Specialised Orthotic Services P Pod

Specialised Orthotic Services P Pod

Specialised Orthotic Services P Pod
Prices from:
£650.00 exVAT
£780.00 incVAT
Product code: sosppod
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Award winning beanbag-style seating system with full postural support, suitable for children or adults at home or in a day care environment



 £ exVAT incVAT)

Total price: £ exVAT


The Specialised Orthotic Services P Pod has been designed for users with specialised seating needs. The 'P' in P Pod stands for postural, and postural support technology is an integral part of its design.  It is suitable for a range of ages, from infants to young adults and gives users the chance to spend time out of their wheelchair and relax at home.

The P Pod's unique patented design combines symmetrical or custom moulded support within the simplicity of a conventional bean bag base. 

There are three components to the 'P' Pod - the seat, a bolster support and the beanbag or Pod.  There are a large choice of seat sizes available and each one comes with a lap strap for extra stability.  The bean base is lightweight and easy to move around.  The seat is secured with heavy-duty velcro.  The moulded seat is supported by a simple bolster which improves stability.  Quilted covers are available in a range of bright colours.

- Provides simple accomodation of complex seating problems
- Lightweight and easily handled within the home
- Quilted stretch velour colours in a range of colours (see brochure for details)
- Covers easily removed for cleaning
- Beanbag allows change of position yet maintains support

Optional Accessories:
- Mobile base (also available with a powered tilt mechanism)
- Activity frame to hang toys on for play therapy
- Freestanding height-adjustable tray
- Beanbag lap tray
- Growth liner
- Flip-over headrest
- Foot bolster


* All size measurements in centimetres (cm)

The following dimensions are for the USER, not for the P Pod itself. Please see 'User Measuring Guide' under 'Documentation' below for guidance on how to measure the user.

Size Micro
Hip Width: 17.7
Trunk Width: 16
Seat Depth: 12
Shoulder Height: 23

Size 1 (XS)
Hip Width: 22
Trunk Width: 19
Seat Depth: 21
Shoulder Height: 34

Size 2 (XS)
Hip Width: 25
Trunk Width: 22
Seat Depth: 23
Shoulder Height: 37

Size 2.5 (XS)
Hip Width: 26
Trunk Width: 24
Seat Depth: 26
Shoulder Height: 40

Size 3 (S)
Hip Width: 26
Trunk Width: 25
Seat Depth:  29
Shoulder Height: 42

Size 3.5 (S)
Hip Width: 27
Trunk Width: 25
Seat Depth:  29
Shoulder Height: 44

Size 4 (M)
Hip Width: 31
Trunk Width: 27
Seat Depth: 33
Shoulder height: 44

Size 4.5 (M)
Hip Width: 31
Trunk Width: 27
Seat Depth: 35
Shoulder height: 47

Size 5 (L)
Hip Width: 36
Trunk Width: 32
Seat Depth: 35
Shoulder Height 51

Size 5.5 (L)
Hip Width: 37
Trunk Width: 33
Seat Depth: 42
Shoulder Height 54

Size 6 (XL)
Hip Width: 42
Trunk Width: 34
Seat Depth: 43
Shoulder Height: 55
Warranty: 1 year, 3 months covers and straps



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